Here We Go Again - 2019 In Review

It’s time for my almost annual blog post (2020 New Years Resolution - write more blog posts).

It’s been a bit of a turbulent year for Glue Digital Studio. James left to do his own thing in January and I’ve been running the show solo since then. February was a month of plodding along - marred by me being flattened with illness for almost all of it, then March rolled around and things started looking up - quotes started coming in all at the same time and by the time we got to April - it was the best month the business has ever had since it was started in 2016.

Having the best month ever sounds great - but when there’s now only one of you it can be a scary time. Luckily - I’ve got some of the best people in Cardiff to come and help me out. Projects were all completed, some excellent work was delivered and, most importantly to me, our client satisfaction stayed high. No matter what the workload - I never want to disappoint anyone, so having 15 projects on the go at once and keeping everyone happy at the end of it is the real marker of success for me this year.

Roll on September and things were getting back to normal, quotes were going in and projects were coming off. It’s a good place to be. October marks the company year end - and a lot of strategising went on in September, it was time to start thinking about how to take the business to the next level. October came around far too quickly and the plans weren’t quite ready, so the ideas got shelved for a bit while we worked on some new and exciting projects (including our own rebrand and site development).

These ideas are still percolating though and some time over the Christmas break is going to be spent on formulating them into how to package up our current services and provide an even better offering to our clients, old and new.

So watch this space - big things are coming.

As a closing note, I’d just like to, as I do each year, thank all of the clients who we have had the pleasure of working with over the last three years. Glue Digital Studio wouldn’t be the company it is without the fantastic clients who we support on a daily basis. From fixing websites to having pints while discussing relationship woes - we’ve been there for our clients in pretty much every way. It’s this personal, friendly relationship that keeps our clients coming back to us - and gets us invited to their Christmas parties. So here’s to all you delightful humans we get the privilege of calling clients - have a fantastic Christmas and a delightful New Year, you deserve it!