New Year New Us

Happy 2020! I hope your festive break was as unproductive and as relaxed as could possibly be (I’ve got a toddler, so if you had a similar time to me, very unproductive and not at all relaxed).

Now that it’s time to ring in the New Year, I thought we’d do it with a bang - and finally launch the new Website and brand which was scheduled for launch way back in January 2019. Why has it taken so long? I hear you cry - well client work got in the way and things like a complete rebrand can sometimes only really happen on a Friday afternoon when you’re technically not working and sat in your dining room with a dog on your lap.

New Logo

So what about the new look - well, the original logo and branding has been with us since day 1. It was developed by our wonderful Creative Director Carol, but I feel like we’ve grown past it. The old logo was very young and playful - and while I’d like to think we’re still quite young and playful as a company, the logo felt like it needed bringing into the modern day. Strong and bold colours were important, as was a good solid font face. There was also a big problem with the old logo in that it never really worked very well as a square, it was quite long which was great for website headers - but in almost every other situation it just didn’t work.

We also realised that people never referred to us as Glue Digital Studio, they would always use the name Glue Studio - which makes sense really as that’s the domain name and also because the digital in the middle was just a bit too wordy, so we’ve dropped it in favour of Glue Studio - keep it nice and simple, straightforward and to the point.

New Website

So what about the new website - well the new site is built using a combination of Gatsby.js for the front end, Contentful for the content and hosted with Netlify. What does that mean? Quite simply, it’s bloomin’ fast. Way back when in the old days of the internet, people were obsessed with making things faster - they had to be because of underpowered machines. Then things got faster and we lost our way with an over abundance of janky animations, massive images and other nonsense which made things look cool, but overall made our web experience worse.

I wrote a while back about Micro Service web development - and I’ve put the idea into practise here. By building a website which serves static files on the front end with zero server side work, it produces a website which is crazy fast and is a joy to use. That’s not to say this approach is right for everyone. This setup can get quite complex - and allows zero room for end user customisation, but that’s fine for me.

New Year’s Resolutions

I’m not one for resolutions really, however here is one that I think I’m going to have to stick with - write more content. It occurred to me a while back that I actually know a lot of stuff about the web, websites and getting them (and people) online. It also occurred to me that I don’t ever write blogs (partially because I don’t think of them as work… but it is really, isn’t it). So my New Years Resolution is to start getting more content out there on a regular basis, whether it be about something I’m working on or have discovered - or just a general bit about how to do something handy online.

So finally, I hope you have a fantastic 2020 - and here’s to speaking slightly more regularly this year!